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Sanlux Co Ltd manufactures and markets V-belts, rubber pipes and other rubber products. The company's main product is V-belts which is primarily used in vehicles.


Airtex is a leading global water and fuel pump manufacturer which was established in the early 1930s. The Airtex European Division, known as Airtex Products S.A.U., based in Zaragoza, Spain, is a European market leader selling to over 60 different countries. Today, Airtex/ASC is the world’s largest pump manufacturer and owns and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in three continents, with sites in the USA, Mexico, Spain and China. 10 Million Water Pumps and 2 Million Fuel Pumps are produced annually.



Champion® uses a proprietary approach in designing the entire line of automotive spark plugs. From the use of iridium and precious metal technologies, to F.I.S.S. resistor technology and MLR™ technology, Champion® engineers and manufactures spark plugs in an array of materials and designs, to provide a full offering of enhanced ignition and plug life as well as direct OE replacements.


Hastings Manufacturing, we’ve mastered the engineering and craftsmanship

of piston rings. And while others are focused on doing it all, we put our all

into one thing. We don’t manufacture other engine components for a reason—it would only take our attention away from what we do best.

Decade after decade, we’ve refined and advanced piston ring, compression ring,  and vented oil ring design to enhance engine performance, efficiency, and economy. The result is 25,000 SKUs, each made with the highest tolerances and highest quality materials in the industry.